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Southern Maryland Intellectual Property Attorneys

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Intellectual property consists of intangible assets which reflect human knowledge or mental creations, and for which the law provides exclusive rights or protections.   Common types of intellectual property include patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.   For many technology companies, intellectual property is their most valuable asset.   Ownership of intellectual property rights is often a prerequisite for technology companies seeking investment financing.



Technology Licensing

Licensing is one of the most important ways that a company can obtain value from its own technology or acquire rights to technology from others.   Licenses permit one entity to use intellectual property rights which belong to another entity, and also establish the terms for using such rights. Companies seeking to license their own technology or license technology from others need to make many important decisions such as what technology the license will cover, whether the license will be exclusive or non-exclusive, whether the license will cover all applications of the technology or only certain specified uses, royalties or other forms of payment for use of the license, the duration of the license and the conditions for terminating it, and many other issues.  Our attorneys have negotiated technology licensing agreements involving private companies, universities and government agencies, in a wide range of industries.  Our industry experience enables us to understand the client’s business objectives, and then draft licenses which achieve their goals.



Intellectual Property in Government Contracts 

Intellectual property is often created in the course of performing government contracts, particularly in technology-based industries such as defense contracting.   It is possible to draft government contracts so that they address intellectual property.   For example, it is often possible to include provisions which allow contractors to own or obtain exclusive commercial rights to technologies which are developed while they perform government contracts.   Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C.'s attorneys are familiar with intellectual property issues which can arise in government contracts.   We can assist clients in negotiating government contracts which allow them to obtain rights in technology developed during performance of government contracts.



Information Technology 

Our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating IT agreements, including having primary legal responsibility for IT transactions for major multinational corporations.  Our transactional experience in the IT industry includes software license agreements, custom software development, data hosting, Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing arrangements, purchases and sales and many other kinds of agreements.  We are familiar with many of the complex issues which arise in IT agreements, including creation and protection of intellectual property, data privacy and export control issues.   Our deep knowledge of the IT industry allows us to understand our clients’ business and create solutions which serve their needs


Technology Transactions

The attorneys at Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. regularly counsel technology companies. We advise clients on acquiring technology and intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.  We also advise them on entrance into license agreements, collaborations and joint development agreements and many other types of commercial transactions involving technology.  We have handled technology transactions involving major multinational companies, technology start-ups and virtually every size company in-between.  Our experience covers a wide range of technology industries, including information technology, biotechnology, defense technology, renewable energy and manufacturing.  Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C.’s attorneys offer decades of experience on legal matters concerning technology.  This depth of experience results in added value and efficiency for our clients by enabling us to quickly understand what our clients are doing, where they want to go, and determine how they can secure, protect and maximize the value of their technology.  Our attorneys’ expertise in the law, business acumen, and in-depth knowledge of the needs and resources of local industries enables us to provide first-rate service comparable to that of larger firms. 


Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C.'s business group knows that patent rights have fueled the growth of corporations across the world, and that the situation in Southern Maryland is no different.  Our team offers clients its extensive experience helping innovators and inventors protect their intellectual property, including patents.  With a registered patent attorney part of our firm, we can assist you prepare, file, and prosecute your patent application.  We will carefully guide you through the process of obtaining a patent from start to finish.  Possessing the legal knowledge, technical expertise, and real world experience that comes from working in and alongside some of the nation's largest government contractors, The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. offers you everything that is needed to protect your rights and best interests.



Defense Technology

Located in a community whose economy is anchored by a major military base, we understand military and defense technology.   Many of our attorneys have served in the military, worked with defense contractors or come from military families.  We are familiar with defense-related technology, particularly the technology being developed at the Patuxent River Naval Air Base.   Our attorneys regularly participate in events relating to the Pax River base.   We have negotiated many agreements with the Defense Department (DOD) and other government agencies.   Many agreements involving DOD agencies have the potential to create important intellectual property rights which can be very valuable for your company.   Our attorneys can assist you in licensing DOD technology or in, establishing collaborative arrangements with DOD agencies or in addressing intellectual property issues in government contracts.



Health Care and Life Sciences

For many life sciences companies, their intellectual property is their primary asset.   Our attorneys have negotiated hundreds of agreements for companies in the life sciences industry.  These agreements include technology license agreements and material transfer agreements (MTA’s), clinical trial and contract research organization (CRO) agreements, drug discovery and development agreements, manufacturing and supply agreements and many other agreements common to the biotechnology industry.   We also have extensive knowledge about privacy and handling protected health information, and our attorneys have provided key assistance for health management companies.



Renewable Energy

Our attorneys have negotiated a wide range of agreements for bioenergy companies.   These agreements include license agreements, collaboration and joint development agreements, MTA’s, research and development agreements, and many other agreements common to the industry.   Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable about feedstock, harvest and transport issues as well as technologies for converting biomass into energy.



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