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Civil Litigation Attorneys

When two parties are in a disagreement, courts are often the last recourse to reach a resolution.  Our attorneys are there to help when your civil dispute turns into civil litigation.  Our years of experience and our skill at representing the interests of our clients will ensure you have a fair handling in the courts.


We have experience in all the following areas of civil law.


Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Landlord and tenant disputes, both residential and commercial, frequently must be settled in courts after parties are unable to reach an agreement privately.  Litigation is a key component of achieving a fair resolution of your specific dispute.  At The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. we can represent you when you find yourself in need of legal assistance.

For more information:
 Ten Tips for Landlords and Tenants


If you are owed fees, dues, or debts but find your borrowers or clients refusing to pay you, there is no need to write off the money that is rightfully yours.  Our attorneys have handled collections for a variety of individuals, agencies, and associations over the years, collecting debts for homeowners’ associations, funeral homes, and many other community organizations.

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Confessed Judgments


Small Claims 
Small claims cases are cases that involve a value of $5,000 or less.  Maryland law allows you to have an attorney represent you.  A lawyer’s experience and knowledge of the court system can be invaluable in a small claims course, where many rules exist to determine what evidence can be brought to court and how it may be entered. 

For more information about small claims:
How to Represent Yourself in Small Claims Court


A tort is a civil wrong for which the law provides a remedy.  

For more information about torts:
        Negligent Entrustment
        Uninsured Motorist Claims
        Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
        Civil Trespass
         Defamation - Injurious Falsehood
          Invasion of Privacy
        Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
        Malicious Prosecution
        Malicious Use of Process
        Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations
        Tortious Interference with Prospective Advantage
        Constructive Fraud


Boundary Disputes 
The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. can assist you in any disputes over the rightful boundaries between properties.  Every resource that can help determine the true boundaries of a property will be examined, and we will look for any historical records or physical indicators that exist.

Cases of defamation arise when someone falsely accuses another of an act or wrongdoing, thereby damaging their reputation.  In many cases, victims can seek financial compensation from those who slander them, with cases being decided in civil courts.

To read more, see the following:


There are a variety of easements that can exist or be placed on a parcel of land that determine how it may be used, from easements that grant right-of-way to vehicles or power companies to historical-value easements placed by the State of Maryland.  Our attorneys handle cases in which parties are seeking to obtain or prevent an easement pertaining to their property.

       To read more, see the following:

       Easement Litigation


Homeowners Associations 
HoA disputes are often complicated to resolve and taxing on the parties involved; don’t do it alone.  The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. has represented both homeowners’ associations and homeowners in past disputes. 


Mortgage Refinancing 
Times change, and in a shifting economy a mortgage may become financially difficult to pay off.  The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. will work with you and your creditor to try to renegotiate the terms of your mortgage in a manner that reflects your and the bank’s changing circumstances.


Property Disputes and Real Estate Litigation 
For any other property disputes or real estate issues you may have, The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. will represent you following an initial consultation.

For more information, see the following:
Contract Re-Negotiations


Appellate Litigation 
Through Maryland’s appeals process you can challenge the findings of any civil case and ask to have it re-heard by a higher court.  The higher court has the authority to change or modify any part of the ruling made by the lower court.  It is important to have competent, experienced representation during the appeals process.


Contract Drafting 
If you would like assistance preparing or drafting a contract we would be glad to assist you.  We can look for any details in your contract that may cause future troubles, or draft a contract from scratch and write it to your specifications.


Contract Litigation 
When the provisions and terms of a contract aren’t met, sometimes the best results can only come from a court.  The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. will represent you when a contract you signed with another is broken and work towards attaining a fair and quick resolution of your matter within the courts.

For more information, see the following articles:
Breach of Contract
Anticipatory Breach of Contract


Contract-Specific Disputes 
For disputes involving the specific details of a given contract we will gladly represent you after an initial consultation.


Consumer Litigation 
If you are misled as a consumer into purchasing a faulty or dangerous product, or purchase a product that was falsely advertised, we can help you achieve satisfying compensation from the company you made your purchase from.

For more information, see the following articles:
Breach of Warranty


Constructive and Resulting Trust Litigation 

The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. represents clients in matters involving the breach of a confidential relationship, including where clients seek to establish a constructive trust or a resulting trust through litigation. 

          For more information, see the following articles:

          Constructive Trust Litigation


Business Disputes 
The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. has represented specific disputes between companies involving all different varieties of issues for years.  We will gladly represent you and your business in its dispute with a commercial partner or neighbor.


Mediation and Arbitration 
A court is not the only place to settle a dispute.  Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution methods where parties meet informally outside the court.  There they try to come to a mutually agreeable resolution without incurring the high costs of a court action.  The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. gladly offers these services to anyone involved in a civil case who feels their legal issues could best be resolved this way.


The Law Offices of Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. also offers these services:

Bankruptcy and ForeclosureBusiness LawCivil LitigationCriminal DefenseEmployment, Disability, and Consumer RightsFamily LawGovernment Contracts LawIntellectual Property, Personal InjuryReal Estate, Social Security Disability & Workers’ Compensation and Wills, Trusts, & Estates


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