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Criminal Defense Attorneys


Criminal Defense Attorneys Southern Maryland 

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Driving On a Suspended License
Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Hearings
Traffic Violations
Possession of Marijuana
Drug Possession or Distribution
Violation of Probation/Parole


Below is a sample of the types of criminal cases our firm handles.  If you are facing any type of criminal charges, we hope you’ll give us a call to schedule a free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation for your criminal case. Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz, P.C. has a reputation for reliable and effective representation of clients involved in criminal matters.  We’d be happy to help you.

Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz, P.C. has a record of defending clients facing DUI/DWI charges.  We know the consequences a DUI/DWI conviction can have on you and your family.  We thoroughly assess every DUI/DWI charge to determine whether the state’s evidence could support a conviction. We’ll then show you the necessary steps to take to avoid a conviction where possible, and to mitigate any adverse consequences.

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DUI/DWI - Handling a Traffic Stop
DUI/DWI - Will I Lose my Driver's License?
DUI/DWI - Going to Court


Driving On a Suspended License

Our firm regularly represents clients in Driving On a Suspended License charges.  Many people don't realize that a Driving on Revoked or Suspended License carries with it a potential 60 day or 1 year jail sentence and fine.  Having a traffic/criminal conviction on your record can severely limit employment possibilities. Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz, P.C. can help you resolve a Driving on a Suspended License charge.  In many cases, we can negotiate with the State’s Attorney to avoid a conviction, and you may not have to plead guilty to any offense.

More information about driving on a suspended license:
An Overview of Driving on a Suspended License in Maryland


An assault charge is a serious matter that can affect your rights, your employment, and even your freedom.  If you or a family member has been accused of assault, it is important that your case is handled properly by an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Any assault case can involve serious jail time or felony charges.

More information about assaults:

Criminal Assault in Maryland



Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Hearings

Our attorneys are very familiar with the MVA hearing procedures, as well as Maryland transportation law.  We can help you avoid losing your license in most cases.  We have successfully represented many clients in MVA hearings.

More information about MVA hearings:
What to Expect at a Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Hearing


Traffic Violations

Our office deals with all types of major and minor traffic violations.  We can help clients successfully resolve speeding tickets, driving without insurance cases, and many other traffic violations or

More information on traffic violations:
Maryland Traffic Tickets - When to Hire an Attorney, and When to do it Yourself



Our firm has years of experience defending clients from charges of theft and larceny.  Whether it is a shoplifting charge, a theft charge, or robbery, our attorneys know how to successfully litigate to obtain the best possible result.

To read more, see the following articles:

Theft Crimes and Defenses



If you are facing a charge of trespassing of any kind, our firm can help.  Our attorneys have experience with many varieties of trespassing cases.  Speaking to one of our attorneys will help you learn more about your rights, your possible defenses, and the law that applies to trespassing charges, and we would be glad to represent you in court.


Possession of Marijuana

Being charged with the possession of marijuana can be a serious matter.  Marijuana possession is a criminal offense under Maryland law that carries potential jail time.  When up against a possession of marijuana charge you want to be certain you have the right attorney to help you protect your rights.  The Law Offices of Baldwin, Briscoe & Steinmetz, P.C. has defended clients in marijuana cases across Southern Maryland.  We know what to expect in court, and we can help you prepare the best



Drug Possession or Distribution

Possession of drugs and narcotics in the State of Maryland is a serious offense that can carry harsh sentences.  The severity of sentencing differs among the drugs and charges, but in any drug charge it will benefit you to retain a lawyer.  Our firm has defended clients across Southern Maryland, and we know how to lay an effective defense in court.

              To read more, see the following page:

                  Drug Possession and Distribution

Violation of Probation/Parole
Violation of probation/parole is taken seriously by the courts.  Whatever the reason the court has for charging you with violating your probation or parole, we can help you obtain a fair result and mitigate any potential punishment.



We all make mistakes, but when that mistake results in a criminal record, it can destroy your future.  In Maryland, there is a procedure by which some criminal records may be removed from public view.  This is called Expungement.  We can advise you whether you are eligible to have charges expunged, and if you are not, whether there are steps you could take to become eligible for an Expungement.

                To read more about expungements, click here.


The crimes listed here are only some of the types of cases we handle.  If you don’t see a criminal matter you have been charged with mentioned in this list, we would welcome you to give our office a call and speak to someone in person.  It may be that we can still offer you help.



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