Chapter Two of the John Hanson Briscoe Historical Project

Chapter Two of managing partner’s Samuel C.P. Baldwin, Jr. comprehensive history  about the life and times of the late John Hanson Briscoe, a former St. Mary’s County lawyer, statesman, Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates, and judge, is now available.  The new chapter is available through the Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C. website.

Chapter Two focuses on the lives and careers of the founding members of the first Bar Association of St. Mary’s County, all of whom not only had successful legal practices, but outside careers as civic leaders as well. Besides its principal subjects, the chapter also examines the county’s early and mid-century court system and how attorneys’ offices generally operated at the time.

The previous chapter of the John Hanson Briscoe Historical Project focused on John Hanson Briscoe’s childhood, and life in general in St. Mary’s County during the early 1900s.  A third chapter, expected to be published in the coming months, will look at Sotterley Plantation, where John Hanson’s father was born and which his family used to own.

The first chapter of the John Hanson Briscoe Historical Project can be downloaded here.